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Excellence Hub Bulgaria

About the Region

Southeastern Bulgaria (BG34)

The South-eastern is one of the six NUTS 2 regions in Bulgaria. It covers the south-eastern parts of the country and covers an area of 19 800 sq. km (17,8% of the national territory). The population is 959176 (14,7% of the Bulgarian population). The geographical situation can be defined as favourable, which is a prerequisite for economic development, foreign economic relations and foreign investment. Two pan-European transport corridors pass through its territory, connecting the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black Seas. They intersect at Stara Zagora, indicating good transport accessibility in this part of the region. The transport infrastructure is represented by the Trakya motorway, the main railway lines, the Burgas harbour and the airport at Sarafovo.
The region contains the biggest thermal power plant on the Balkans (state-owned Maritsa East 2,
1 620 MW) and the privately owned CONTOURGLOBAL Maritsa Iztok East 3 TPP (908 MW), AES Galabovo TPP (670 MW) and BRIKELL TPP (200 MW) and the 120 MW Maritsa 3 TPP in Dimitrovgrad.

The Region of Stara Zagora is one of the three regions in the country having a Territorial Just Transition Plan, part of the EU Just Transition Fund.



The Excellence Hub in Bulgaria is providing the following key services for the sustainable energy ecosystem:

A network of partners and stakeholders from all sectors

An online hub for sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices

Campaigns and advocacy initiatives to promote sustainable development

Training and capacity-building programs for organizations and individuals

HUB  Partners

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Here you can find the most promising innovation cases supported by the Excellence Hub, who are either seeking for investment, policy or market uptake support both in the region or in other countries.


Operational page

Check our latest activities, events and details about offered services on the Excellence Hub Bulgaria operational landing page (in Bulgarian only).
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