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Electrification of agriculture using RES (PV)

About the Project


This project optimizes land use for agriculture and solar photovoltaic power generation by integrating them simultaneously in an autonomous and protected vertical farming environment.


  • Introduction of vertical farm (VF) technology for increased agricultural sustainability, characterized by higher yields and resource use efficiency compared to conventional greenhouses.

  • Utilization of vertical stacked shelves and LED lighting for high photosynthetic use efficiency and year-round production without pesticides or herbicides.


I. Financial sustainability of vertical farming, addressing high energy consumption costs. II. Development of optimized growth protocols for VF to leverage controlled environment advantages in yield and quality.

Technological Innovations:

  • Hydroponics for soilless plant growth with liquid nutrient solutions.

  • LED lighting with varied spectra and UV for optimal plant growth.

  • Integration of photovoltaics (PV) to meet energy needs and reduce environmental footprint and cultivation costs.

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