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Transformation and storage of RES (solar into heat, into electricity)

About the Project

The project is focused on production of electricity for small and medium-sized consumers, based on the storage of solar thermal energy. The conversion of the stored thermal energy into electrical energy is carried out in installations that operate based on the organic Rankine cycle (ORC). The  advantage of this installation compared to photovoltaic panels is that it introduces the possibility of electricity production no longer correlated with periods of the day with intense solar radiation. The prosumer can also produce electricity based on stored thermal energy in the evening or at night or at times of the day when energy demand is higher. To create a prototype of the installation to produce electricity in an ORC equipment, based on the storage of solar thermal energy, the following stages will be completed:
1. The design of the installation, with the establishment of components, power, and functional parameters.
2. Establishing the list of component equipment of the ORC installation and measuring and control devices.
3. A market study to identify the manufacturers and the price level, in order to fit into the budget.
4. The launch of the procurement procedure, which will consider the price-quality ratio for each purchased component. For the components that are not found in the internal production (for example the turbine-electric generator group), the external producers will be identified.
5. Purchase of ORC installation components.
6. Launching the procedure for the purchase of services for the assembly of the installation (if applicable).
7. Practical implementation of the installation prototype.
8. Functionality tests and measurements.


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